The Explosion of Chinese Bio-pharmaceutical Industry
DATE: 2015-01-05

Bio-pharmacy has now become the core of hi-tech development of China. Under the influence of global financial crisis, Chinese bio-pharmaceutical market has approached   developed countries, taking on a "unique good landscape". As one of the "BRIC", China's bio-pharmaceutical market looks extremely bright and beautiful.

The National Development and Reform Commission of China arranged newly-increased central investment of 442 million yuan to support the special projects of biomedicine, biotechnological breeding, high-tech industrialization of biomedical engineering as well as public service conditions construction for Chinese biological industry base, so as to inject new vitality for the future development of bio-pharmacy.

Bio-pharmacy possesses risks such as long R&D cycle and large investment at the early stage, but also possesses the advantage of being difficult to be imitated. Compared to the situation where it will trigger fierce competition among generic drugs of chemical drug once their patents expire, generic drugs are not easy to appear in the bio-pharmaceutical field because the bio-pharmacy is involved with complex technology and very sensitive and fragile drug structures. At the early stage, once the products with patent protection find inroad into the market and enjoy a certain market share, the products will be stable in the future 10-20 years.